M5 Long Range

Advanced M5 Long-Range Thermal Imaging: Seamless Security with PTZ Pan-Tilt FLIR Camera Technology


Kilometers of Range

M5 Long Range PTZ Camera

Long Range Thermal Imaging

Custom M5 Long Range Thermal Camera all black

360 ° Continuous Rotation Pan

Long Range Thermal Imaging

4D joystick Controller with 5”, 7 or 9”LCD, monitors up to 50”

Long Range PTZ Thermal Imaging System Controller

AI Object ID

Thermal Imaging shot of a military drone

Long Range Thermal Imaging

New advanced Artificial Intelligence

AI tracking, sensing, alerting and detection algorithms

M5 Drone Tracking Abilities

Anti Drone, UAV, UAS and SUAS Tracking

Long Range Miliary Imaging


IP66 Water-Proof and Dust-Proof

Integrated Rain/Snow Wiper

The M5 Has a Ton of Features to Withstand Harsh Conditions with Minimal Maintenance like the Integrated Wiper

Rugged Long Range Thermal integrated wiper for rain and snow


Low-Cost and Fast Turnaround

Custom Sensorswith Thermal Imaging for Military Vehicles

Additional Features

Stabilization, rangefinders, lasers, smart tracking, SWIR, and a host of exotic sensors, lasers are available upon request.

Custom Thermal Imaging Engineering

Custom packages

We Have Completed Countless Custom Installations and Builds of our Long Range Thermal PTZ Cameras for Different Military Sectors

Thermal Imaging Camera

Daytime/Lowlight Camera
Resolution:50Hz: 25FPS (1920×1080) 60Hz: 30fps (1920×1080) 50Hz: 25FPS (1280×960); 60Hz: 30fps
(1280×960) 50Hz: 25FPS (1280×720) 60Hz: 30fps (1280×720)
Color0.05Lux @ (f1.8, AGC on) black and white: 0.01LUX @ (f1.8, AGC on)
LensFocal length 8-310mm, 40x optical zoom
Aperture ValueF1.8-f6.0
Horizontal FOV41.3o – 2.0o (wide angle – telescope) close range 10 mm – 1500 mm (wide angle – telescope)
Zoom SpeedAbout 3.5 seconds (optical, wide-angle telescope)
Day/Night Conversion ModeICR filter
Daytime/Lowlight Camera
Customizable Long Range Thermal PTZ