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7x Night Vision Binoculars With Unmatched Clarity

Blackbird 7x Night Vision Binoculars NGEN2 B1


ngen2 5.6x night vision military binocular
  • Image Intensifier Tube: Gen 2+ “Level 1”
  • Magnification: 7.4x
  • Lens System: 192 mm; F/2.13
  • FOV: 5.4°
military night vision binocular gen 2
Package Includes
  • Packing Box
  • 7x night vision binoculars
  • SPI SPARK850
  • Long-Range Infrared Illuminator
  • Dovetail to Weaver Transfer Piece
  • Neck Lanyard
  • Lens Tissue
  • One Lithium Battery CR123A
  • Operators Manual
  • Soft Carrying Case

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The SPI Blackbird night vision binocular is the perfect tool for mid-range and long-range observation. The Blackbird, 7x night vision binoculars, combines a single high quality image intensifier tube with a dualized optical axis and double eyepiece, making it applicable for long viewing sessions.

The Blackbird is packed with features, such as digital controls and a proximity sensor for automatic shut off in varying light conditions. These 7x night vision binoculars are the ideal choice for security and recreational use.

  • 5.6X,8x,10x, or 7x night vision binoculars magnification
  • Super fast, multi-coated, all-glass optics
  • Dual eye viewing system for long viewing sessions
  • Detachable long-range infrared illuminator
  • Rugged and versatile design
  • Tripod mountable
  • Water and fog resistance
  • Hand strap and neck strap for comfort of use
Technical Specifications

Optical and Image Specs

Image Intensifier Tube: Gen 2+ “Level 1”

Resolution: 55-72 lp/mm

Field of view cleanness by zone: Gen 2 IIT NL1 is the highest resolution and the cleanest offered by SPI. There are practically no visible spots in Zone 1.

Magnification: 7.4x

Lens System: 192 mm; F/2.13

FOV: 5.4°

Focus Range: 50 m to Infinity

Diopter Adjustment: -6 to +2 dpt

Operation and Controls

LED Indicators: Low battery; IR On; Excessive light conditions

Automatic Brightness Control: Yes

Infrared Illuminator: Detachable long-range IR illuminator

Bright Light Cut-Off: Yes

Automatic Shut-Off System: Yes

Physical Specifications and Accessories

Battery Type: 2 AA Alkaline or 1 Lithium (BA-5567/U)

Battery Life (Operating): Up to 60 hours at 20°C

Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +50°C (-40°F to +122°F)

Storage Temperature Range: -50°C to +50°C (-58°F to +122°F)

Weight: 1.34 kg (2.95 lbs)

Overall Dimensions: 343 × 152 × 104 mm (13.5 × 6.0 × 4.1 in)

Package Includes: Night Vision Binocular, SPARK850 Detachable Long-Range IR Illuminator, Lens Cloth, Soft Carrying Case

Illuminator, Lens Cloth, Soft Carrying Case

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What is the range of night vision binoculars?

7x Night vision binoculars have a range of 50 meters to infinity.

What is an Image Intensifier Tube: Gen 2+ “Level 2”?

The Gen 2+ “Level 2” Image Intensifier Tube (IIT) is a component used in night vision devices. It works by amplifying ambient light, allowing you to see in darkness. The key difference between the night vision generations is the intensifier technology. Gen 2 devices have added a micro-channel plate that multiplies the number of electrons before they make contact on the phosphorus screen, thus increasing clarity, quality, and brightness.

SPI Corp offers Gen 2+ image intensifier tubes (IIT) in five levels: B1, B2, B3, W1, and W2. All Gen 2+ night vision tubes are equipped with a microchannel plate and multi-alkaline photocathode, with the primary differences between the levels being resolution and cosmetic quality.

The Gen 2+ IIT NL1, also known as “Level 1”, represents the highest quality Gen 2 IIT offered by SPI Corp. It boasts a resolution of 55-72 lp/mm, which is indicative of its superior image clarity and detail.
In terms of field of view cleanness by zone, the Gen 2+ “Level 1” is virtually spotless in Zone 1, meaning there are almost no visible imperfections or “spots” in the image when viewing objects in this zone.

This high level of image quality makes it ideal for applications that require clear and detailed night vision.

In summary, the Gen 2+ “Level 1” offers the highest resolution and cleanest field of view among SPI Corp’s Gen 2+ offerings, making it a top choice for demanding night vision applications.

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What does a Field of View (FOV) of 5.4 Degrees mean for 7x night vision binoculars?

To calculate angular to linear FOV is easy. Multiply the angle by 52.5 to get the linear feet FOV. For example, if a binocular says it has an FOV of 7 degrees, it means you can see 5.4 degrees x 52.5 = 293.5 feet of a scene from left to right when looking at 1000 yards. This is because one angle degree is equal to 52.5 feet.

The rule is simple. Increase magnification, decrease field of view. When you crank up the power on your binoculars, you’re going to see less of an area as you get more specific detail on your target or scene. When you dial back down to low magnification, the field of view will become wider as you see more of the surroundings in your view.

In practical terms, a narrower FOV like 5.4 degrees might mean you see less of the overall scene at once, but what you do see will be magnified more (since these are 7x binoculars) and in greater detail. This could be beneficial in situations where you’re trying to observe specific details in the dark, such as wildlife or distant objects.

What is the highest magnification in binoculars?

The highest magnification in binoculars is typically around 20x to 25x, but extremely high magnifications may compromise stability and image quality.

What is a Long Range Infrared Illuminator?

A long-range infrared illuminator is a device that emits infrared light, which is invisible to the human eye but can be detected by night vision devices. This technology is often used to enhance the performance of night vision devices in low-light conditions, effectively increasing their range and detail. All of our night vision products, including our 7x night vision binoculars, come with a long range infrared illuminator.

Here are some benefits and uses of long-range infrared illuminators:

  • Enhanced Night Vision: Infrared illuminators can significantly improve the performance of night vision devices, allowing for better visibility in low-light or complete darkness. This can be particularly useful for activities such as hunting, wildlife observation, or surveillance.
  • Undetectable Illumination: Since infrared light is invisible to the human eye, an infrared illuminator can provide light without alerting people or animals to its presence. This can be useful in surveillance or hunting scenarios.
  • Long Range: As the name suggests, long-range infrared illuminators can provide illumination over a greater distance than standard infrared illuminators. This can be beneficial in situations where the user needs to observe or target something from a distance.
  • Versatility: Infrared illuminators can be used in a variety of settings, including military operations, law enforcement, hunting, wildlife observation, and even paranormal investigations.
  • Safety and Security: Infrared illuminators can be used in security cameras to provide clear images even in complete darkness, enhancing the safety and security of properties.
  • Astronomy and Astrophysics: Infrared illuminators are also used in the field of astronomy and astrophysics to study celestial bodies that emit infrared radiation

What is the significance of a 192 mm; F/2.13 lens in regards to night vision binoculars?

Light Gathering: The objective lens (the first lens in the system) is responsible for capturing the dim visible light reflected from the subject, along with some light from the infrared spectrum. The size and aperture of the lens (in this case, 192mm; F/2.13) can affect how much light it can gather, which is crucial for the performance of night vision devices