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Full Color Night Vision – X27 Osprey Gen 4 Night Vision


The X27 True Color Night Vision system represents a significant leap forward in night vision technology. This system offers high performance, low noise, and high sensitivity, providing outstanding true low light level (LLL) color imagery. With a 5,000,000 equivalent ISO rating, Laser Detection, 3200 x 2200 Photodetector Array, and much more this is a true 4th generation night vision system.

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Full Comparison Video

: Osprey Full Color Night Vision Vs CMOS, SWIR, EMCDD, Thermal and Other Current Night Vision Technology

Specifications and Features Of ColorVision

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Day and Night Difference With Full Color Night Vision

The X27 ColorVision® Osprey Day/Night Ultra LLL True Color night vision military imaging system is a technological marvel in the field of night vision technology. It offers high performance, low noise, high sensitivity, and outstanding true LLL color imagery. The system incorporates a highly sensitive Broad Spectrum Thin Film Array (BSTFA) photodetector along with powerful proprietary MultiLayer Digiscan Image Sequencing (MDIS) for real-time HD video processing.

Sensor & Performance:

  • Type: Solid State non-intensified BSTFA with column amplification.
  • Features:
    • Maintenance-free with no moving parts.
    • Large format with a large pixel pitch.
    • Backside Illuminated for better light efficiency.
    • High Dynamic Range & Gain.
    • Auto features: Black Level Calibration, Exposure (with excellent color fidelity), Image Uniformity, and Hot Pixel Correction.

Modes & Operations:

  • Day/Night Mode: Automatic Imaging/Switching – instant transition.
  • Bright Light Compensation: Automatic blooming compensation.

Technical Details:

  • Photodetector Array Size: WUXGA High Definition.
  • Output: HD (Options: HD-SDI / HDMI).
  • Wavelength Range: 390-1220 Um – Broadband Extreme High Sensitivity.
  • IR Response: Supported.
  • Power Requirement: 12V.

Physical Features:

  • Lens: Broadband Ultra-wide lens with varying FOVs. Development includes mixed aperture focal lengths.
  • Housing: Sealed design, suitable for integration into sub-systems.
  • Operational Temperature: -30°C to +80°C.

Broad Spectrum Thin Film Array Photodetector

The Broad Spectrum Thin Film Array (BSTFA) photodetector is a type of sensor that possesses unique properties for extreme photon gathering capabilities. This means it can collect light even in very low-light conditions. The BSTFA detector is often incorporated into advanced imaging systems to enhance their sensitivity and ability to capture images in low-light scenarios.

low light full color night vision image of military plane

For instance, the BSTFA photodetector has been used in the ColorVision® system, which is designed to provide color night vision capabilities. This system integrates the highly sensitive BSTFA photodetector to achieve improved imaging performance during nighttime or in environments with limited light availability.

MultiLayer Digiscan

The MultiLayer Digiscan Image Sequencing (MDIS) is a proprietary technology used for real-time HD video processing.

MultiLayer Digiscan technology involves scanning digital images across multiple layers, to extract, enhance, or combine information from different layers of the image or from multiple frames. Image Sequencing process is done in a sequence, which means that it processes multiple frames in a sequence to produce a smoother, clearer, or more detailed output.

When combined with the Broad Spectrum Thin Film Array (BSTFA) photodetector, which is designed for extreme photon gathering capabilities, the MDIS technology enhances the video output by processing the captured light in real-time. This combination ensures that the imaging system can capture high-quality, full color, images or videos in low-light conditions, making it particularly useful for applications like night vision.

In our ColorVision® system, MDIS plays a crucial role in ensuring that the video feed is not only sensitive to low light but also clear and high-definition. This real-time HD video processing capability allows for immediate viewing and analysis of the captured footage, which can be critical in scenarios like surveillance, security, or remote imaging.

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Custom Integration Into Any System

The X27’s sensor can be integrated into night vision sights, scopes, monoculars, binoculars, drivers aid, UAV, UAS, unmanned systems, and a wide array of defense, homeland security, border, ground, mobile, marine, airborne, military, wildlife, documentary, specialty combat camera photography, Astro/aerial/airborne/space remote imaging, aurora borealis, security, and surveillance applications.

The X27’s ability to see true color at night opens up a plethora of tactical advantages previously not available. It can aid in target discrimination, combat identification, situational awareness, force protection, and extreme low light color HD visualization in daylight to starlight conditions.

Market Insights

low light imaging market growth graph

The global Low-Light Imaging HD 4K Color night vision Technology market is expected to witness a CAGR of 7.3% during the forecast period of 2023-2028. The market is driven by the increasing demand for high-quality imaging in a variety of applications, as well as advances in sensor technology and image processing algorithms.

Videos and Demonstrations

Marine Applications Of X27 ColorVision

High Definition Configuration Of X27

X27 Osprey – DVE Drivers Vision Enhancement

Daytime X27 Footage With Direct Sunlight

More Marine Full Color Night Vision

X27 With Large Pixel BSTFA CMOS Laser


The X27 True Color Night Vision system represents a significant advancement in night vision technology. With its high performance, low noise, and high sensitivity, it provides outstanding true LLL color imagery. Whether for military, law enforcement, or surveillance applications, the X27 offers a range of tactical advantages and sets a new standard in night vision technology.

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What makes the X27 Night Vision System different from other night vision devices?

The X27 features a Solid State non-intensified BSTFA sensor with column amplification, offering true color rendering in extreme low-light conditions. Unlike many standard night vision devices, the X27 provides a high-definition output with auto features like Black Level Calibration and Exposure, ensuring excellent color fidelity and image uniformity.

How much does this sensor cost?

This sensor is usually integrated with an entire system such as a PTZ camera system or binoculars so the pricing varies. Contact Us for specific pricing and details.

Can the X27 system work during the day and automatically switch to night mode?

Yes, the X27 is equipped with an automatic Day/Night mode. It can seamlessly transition between the two, ensuring consistent imaging regardless of lighting conditions.

Is the lens on the X27 adaptable for different field-of-views (FOVs)?

Yes, the lens on the X27 is a broadband ultra-wide type, designed to cater to various FOVs. There are ongoing developments to offer lenses with mixed aperture focal lengths, providing users with flexibility in their imaging needs.

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