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Military Grade – Utterly Rugged M7 Ultra Long Range Thermal PTZ

the m7 falcon is a high performance ultra long range thermal imaging flir ptz camera that packs advanced multi eo/ir sensors for exceptional day & night vision capabilities
FLIR EO/IR for Surveillance, Maritime, and military

The M7 Falcon Ultra Long Range Thermal PTZ FLIR Thermal Camera

The M7 Falcon is a high-performance and ultra long range thermal imaging FLIR PTZ camera. It packs advanced multi EO/IR sensors for exceptional day and night vision capabilities. Multiple fixed and continuous telephoto zoom long-range Germanium lenses are available to satisfy long-range detection, recognition, and identification of targets of interest.


Demonstration Video for the M7 Ultra Long Range Thermal PTZ FLIR Camera

Example of our M7 Long Range PTZ FLIR camera being used in an aviation surveillance setting.

Advanced Features, Configurations, Performance Specs, and Application Flexibility

Comprehensive Overview of the M7 Ultra Long Range Thermal Imaging System

Performance and Capabilities:

Reliability and Durability

  1. All-metal construction for ultimate ruggedness and durability.
  2. All-weather design capable of withstanding harsh environments.
  3. Reliable platform ensures years of maintenance-free operation.
  4. Zero backlash and protection from intense energy sources and sun damage.

Advanced Features

  1. User-friendly system, easy to install, learn, and operate.
  2. Includes enhancement features like Gamma, Polarity, Calibration, Detail Enhancement, Brightness, Contrast, Auto Or Manual Focus, Ranging, Sensor Protection, Crosshair Selection, and more.
  3. Supports H.265/H.264 video compression and protocols like TCP/IP, HTTP, DHCP, DNS, and more.

Adaptability and Versatility

  1. Ideal for fixed, marine, mast pole, and mobile mounted applications.
  2. Reliable 24/7 security solution for surveillance of borders, coastlines, shorelines, and high-value/critical perimeter environments.

Technical Specifications

  1. Resolution: 640×512 with a field of view that zooms 17° wide to 1.8° narrow.
  2. Full PTZ controls with 360-degree continuous rotation.
  3. Hardened/coated anti-glare optics and an auto-focus algorithm.

Environmental Suitability and Protection

  1. Operates in temperatures between -25° ~60°, can withstand up to 90% humidity, and resist seismic shocks.
  2. Built-in surge protection interface circuit.
  3. Resilient against salt spray with IP66 protection level.
armed forces in desert

United Kingdom Armed Forces, USA Military and Canadian Armed Forces

Military and Defense

Advanced Ultra Long Range Thermal Imaging Solutions

Military Applications of SPI’s Intelligent Video Analytics and Thermal Infrared FLIR Imaging Cameras

In the military domain, the significance of robust surveillance and security is paramount. SPI’s integration of Intelligent Video Analytics with Thermal Infrared FLIR imaging cameras offers a pioneering solution that enhances military surveillance capabilities.

1. Uninterrupted Surveillance Across Varied Conditions: While traditional optical cameras are bound by their reliance on light, leading to potential inefficiencies during changes in lighting conditions, SPI’s Thermal FLIR cameras operate by capturing heat signatures. This ensures they remain unaffected by shifts in light, providing consistent and reliable surveillance across diverse environmental conditions.

2. Dramatic Reduction in False Alarms: Optical cameras, when combined with video analytics, often suffer from high false alarm rates due to their sensitivity to light variations. In high-stakes military operations, such false alarms can divert crucial resources from genuine threats. However, SPI’s Thermal FLIR cameras focus on detecting heat rather than light, significantly minimizing false alarms and ensuring that alerts are both accurate and actionable.

Military and Defense


military thermal  imaging solutions

3. Expansive Detection Range: While the nighttime range of optical cameras is limited to approximately 200 feet, SPI’s thermal FLIR cameras, especially those operating in the LWIR and MWIR spectrums, can monitor vast distances. With the integration of video analytics, a single SPI thermal camera can effectively cover up to 5km of perimeter, providing a strategic advantage in early threat detection.

4. Advanced Intrusion Detection and Response: SPI’s combination of video analytics with thermal imaging facilitates sophisticated intrusion detection mechanisms. For instance, setting up a trip wire can trigger an alert upon any breach. In more advanced setups, a PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera can be directed to the intrusion’s location, automatically tracking the intruder and providing real-time intelligence for rapid response.

5. Adaptability Across Diverse Military Operations: SPI’s technology is versatile and can be applied across a range of military scenarios, from border patrols to the security of strategic installations. This ensures early threat detection and swift intervention, safeguarding assets and personnel.

In essence, SPI’s fusion of Intelligent Video Analytics with Thermal Infrared FLIR imaging cameras provides the military with an unparalleled advantage in surveillance and security. By moving beyond the constraints of standard optical cameras and harnessing the power of thermal imaging, military operations can achieve heightened situational awareness, rapid threat detection, and efficient resource allocation.

border california mexico fenced

US-Mexico, South Korea-North Korea, and US-Canada Border Security

Border Security

Range of Solutions For Border Security Around The World

ptz flir thermal camera on offroad border vehicle.jpg 1024x769 1

In border patrol applications, the M7 Falcon’s long-range imaging capabilities are pivotal in detection and identification of illegal activities, even in complete darkness or harsh weather conditions.

1. Rugged Design for Harsh Environments: Borders often span diverse terrains, from deserts to mountainous regions, and face extreme weather conditions, from scorching heat to freezing temperatures. The M7 Falcon’s rugged design ensures that it remains operational in these harsh environments. Its all-weather construction is built to resist dust, moisture, and other environmental challenges, making it an ideal choice for border patrol operations where reliability is paramount.

Border Security

Ensuring Safe Borders

2. Quick and Hassle-free Installation: Border areas are vast and often located in remote regions. Setting up surveillance equipment in such areas can be a logistical challenge. The M7 Falcon addresses this concern with its easy installation features. Its design allows for rapid deployment, ensuring that vast stretches of borders can be monitored without significant setup times or the need for specialized equipment. This ease of installation not only reduces operational costs but also ensures that surveillance can be set up promptly in response to emerging threats or intelligence.

military thermal imaging solutions

3. 360-degree Rotation for Comprehensive Surveillance: Border security demands a panoramic view to detect and respond to any potential threats or illegal activities. The M7 Falcon’s 360-degree rotation capability ensures that border patrol agents have a continuous, unobstructed view of their surroundings. This comprehensive coverage eliminates blind spots, a critical feature in border surveillance where threats can emerge from any direction. The ability to pan, tilt, and zoom ensures that agents can focus on specific areas of interest, track movements, and gather detailed intelligence, all from a single installation point.

In Conclusion: The M7 Falcon’s combination of ruggedness, ease of installation, and 360-degree rotation makes it a formidable tool for border patrol operations. Its design and features align perfectly with the challenges and demands of border security, ensuring that agents are equipped with reliable and efficient surveillance equipment. As border security challenges evolve, tools like the M7 Falcon will play a pivotal role in ensuring that borders remain secure and nations stay protected.

ogi thermal imaging tech

Industrial Thermal Solutions

Extreme Ultra Long Range Thermal Cameras With OGI

Optical Gas Imaging

Industrial Applications of SPI’s OGI (Optical Gas Imaging) Technologies

In the industrial sector, safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility are paramount. SPI’s OGI (Optical Gas Imaging) technologies offer a revolutionary approach to addressing these concerns, providing industries with a tool that can detect, visualize, and monitor gas emissions in real-time.

1. Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR): One of the primary applications of SPI’s OGI technology is in the detection of gas leaks. Traditional methods of leak detection can be time-consuming and may not always be accurate. With OGI, industries can quickly identify and locate fugitive gas emissions, ensuring timely repairs and minimizing potential hazards. This not only enhances safety but also reduces operational costs associated with gas wastage.

2. Environmental Compliance: Regulatory bodies worldwide are imposing stricter regulations on industries to reduce their environmental footprint. SPI’s OGI technology assists industries in adhering to these regulations by providing a clear visual representation of gas emissions. This allows industries to demonstrate compliance with environmental standards and avoid potential penalties.

3. Enhanced Safety Protocols: In industrial settings, undetected gas leaks can lead to catastrophic events, including explosions or toxic exposure. SPI’s OGI technology acts as an early warning system, allowing industries to take preventive measures before a minor leak escalates into a major incident. This proactive approach significantly enhances worker safety and protects infrastructure.

Industrial Monitoring

With Optical Gas Imaging

military thermal imaging solutions

Monitoring of Storage Facilities: Storage tanks and facilities are potential sources of gas leaks. With SPI’s OGI technology, industries can continuously monitor these facilities, ensuring the integrity of storage systems and reducing the risk of gas-related incidents.

5. Energy Sector Applications: In the energy sector, especially in oil and gas industries, SPI’s OGI technology is invaluable. It aids in monitoring extraction sites, pipelines, and refineries, ensuring efficient operations and minimizing the environmental impact of gas emissions.

6. Waste Management and Landfills: Landfills and waste treatment plants often emit various gases, some of which can be harmful to the environment. SPI’s OGI technology allows for the visualization and monitoring of these emissions, assisting in the management and treatment of waste in an environmentally responsible manner.

7. Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries: In the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, where various gases are used in production processes, SPI’s OGI technology ensures that any unintended emissions are promptly detected and addressed, safeguarding both the environment and the production quality.

us navy ship aerial view

24/7 Rugged Surveillance

Ultra Long Range Thermal Maritime Solutions

With advanced salt-spray protection

m7 ptz being installed over a shipyard

Maritime services and solutions require advanced surveillance and monitoring systems to ensure safety, security, and efficient operations. The M7 Falcon, with its unique features tailored for maritime environments, is a prime candidate for these tasks.

1. Rugged Design for Maritime Conditions: Maritime environments are notoriously challenging, with saltwater, humidity, and constant motion posing threats to electronic equipment. The M7 Falcon’s rugged design ensures that it remains operational in these harsh conditions. Its all-weather construction is built to resist corrosion, moisture, and the constant jostling of waves, making it an ideal choice for maritime operations.

2. Comprehensive 360° Surveillance: The vastness of the open sea demands a surveillance system that can provide a panoramic view. The M7 Falcon’s 360-degree rotation capability ensures that maritime personnel have a continuous, unobstructed view of their surroundings. This comprehensive coverage is crucial for detecting potential threats, navigating through busy shipping lanes, and monitoring marine life or icebergs that could pose hazards.

3. Easy Installation on Vessels: Ships, whether they’re commercial freighters or naval vessels, have limited space and complex structures. The M7 Falcon’s design allows for easy installation on various parts of a ship, ensuring that it can be optimally positioned for the best surveillance coverage.

Maritime Solutions

Rugged 24/7 Salt-Proof Ultra Long Range Thermal Solutions

military thermal imaging solutions

4. Advanced Thermal Imaging for Night Operations: Maritime operations often continue into the night, and traditional cameras can’t always capture clear images in low-light conditions. The M7 Falcon’s advanced thermal imaging capabilities ensure that it can detect and monitor vessels, obstacles, and even marine life in complete darkness.

5. Integration with Existing Systems: Modern ships come equipped with a range of electronic systems for navigation, communication, and security. The M7 Falcon can be easily integrated into these existing systems, providing a seamless surveillance solution that can be monitored from the ship’s bridge or a centralized control room.

6. Detection and Monitoring of Other Vessels: With its high-resolution sensors and zoom capabilities, the M7 Falcon can detect distant ships, making it invaluable for collision avoidance, piracy threats, and search and rescue operations.

7. Environmental Monitoring: Maritime industries, especially oil and gas, need to ensure that they’re not causing environmental harm. The M7 Falcon’s ability to detect oil spills or other pollutants makes it a valuable tool for environmental monitoring and compliance.

drugs hidden in vehicle compartments

Law Enforcement, Advanced Aerial, Critical Infrastructure, and Other Ultra Long Range Thermal Solutions

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Additional Technical Specifications in Table Format

Category Sub-category Specifications
Ultra Long Range Thermal Imaging Camera Type Maintenance free uncooled VOX Microbolometer FPA Focal Plane Array
Resolution 640 x 512
Field of View Zoom 17° Wide to 1.8° Narrow (optical) Degrees FOV
Wavelength Long Wave Infrared LWIR
Spectral Range 7 – 14 Microns
NETD High sensitivity 40mK
Detection Vehicle 12 Miles / Human 4.5 Miles / UAV 1.25 Miles / Fire (6.5×6.5 ft area) 4.5 Miles
Identification Vehicle 3.3 Miles / Human / UAV 0.75 Mile
Operational Altitude 7.5 Miles
Shock 1500 g @ 0.4 msec
Solar Protection Yes
NUC Auto/Manual Silent, Instant
Imaging Detail/Contrast enhancement. Full auto imaging AGC contrast & brightness
Polarity Black hot / White Hot
Color 16 Styles
Electronic Zoom 1-10x Electronic Zoom
Alarm/Alert 16 region target selection
Range Finder OSD ranging with Human and Vehicle target symbology
Daytime/Lowlight Camera Resolution 50Hz: 25FPS (1920×1080) 60Hz: 30fps (1920×1080) 50Hz: 25FPS (1280×960); 60Hz: 30fps (1280×960) 50Hz: 25FPS (1280×720) 60Hz: 30fps (1280×720)
Color 0.05Lux @ (f1.8, AGC on) black and white: 0.01LUX @ (f1.8, AGC on)
SNR >52dB
Lens Focal length 8-310mm, 40x optical zoom
Aperture Value F1.8-f6.0
Horizontal Field of View Angle 41.3o – 2.0o (wide angle – telescope) close range 10 mm – 1500 mm (wide angle – telescope)
Zoom Speed About 3.5 seconds (optical, wide-angle telescope)
Day/Night Conversion Mode ICR filter
BSI CMOS CCTV Extended Features Focus Mode: Auto / manual / primary focus
Exposure Mode Auto exposure / aperture priority / shutter priority / manual exposure
Day and Night Mode Auto / color / black and white electronic shutter 1 / 1 second to 1 / 30000 second
White Balance Auto 1 / Auto 2 / indoor / outdoor / manual / sodium lamp / fluorescent lamp
Backlight Compensation Off / On
Gain 16 level adjustable
Bad Point Compensation Support
Wide Dynamic Off / On, adjustable at 15 levels
Digital Noise Reduction 3D
Lens Initialization Built in
Image Quality Adjustment Brightness, contrast, sharpness and saturation can be adjusted
Digital Zoom 12 network function
Video Compression H.265/H.264
Compressed Output Code Rate 32kbps-16mbps
Audio Compression G.722.1, G.711-a law, G.711-u law, MP2l2, G.726, AAC, PCM
Storage Function Supports micro SD / micro SDHC / micro SDXC card (up to 256g)
Image Setting Movement function can be adjusted through client or IE browser
Intelligent Alarm motion detection, blocking alarm, memory full, memory error
Support Protocol TCP / IP, HTTP, DHCP, DNS, DDNS, RTP, RTSP, PPPoE, SMTP, NTP, UPnP, SNMP, FTP, 802.1x, QoS, HTTPS, IPv6 (SIP, SRTP, optional), gb28181, onvif, psia, CGI, ISAPI three stream support
CMOS/BSI Low Light Imager Pixels 2MP electrical focus
HD Infrared Correction Optical IR correction design, diurnal focus
Auto Aperture Support
Night-Day Wide Spectrum 0.4-0.75um visible broad spectrum window and 0.8-0.95um NIR narrow spectrum window with day-night independent double-pass window to improve the signal-to-noise ratio of imaging light and stray light
Preset Position Precision potentiometer, DC5V, zoom focusing feedback
Interface C/CS
Structure Material Integral aluminum alloy housing, sealed and waterproof
Structure Integration double window design
Window Glass 4mm microcrystalline infrared high-efficiency transparent HLIN optical glass, transmittance > 98%
Surface Spraying PTA three-resistance coating, anti-corrosion (optional)
Temperature Control The whole system adopts ultra long range thermal balance design + wide temperature electronic and optoelectronic devices, with built-in heating and heat dissipation components, which can work in low temperature and high-temperature environment
Weather Proof IP66, water-proof, dust-proof
Connector Aviation Water-Proof Connector
PTZ Load Duty 30kg CNC Pan-Tilt
Pan and Tilt 0 – 360° continuously, Tilt +45°~-45°
Rotation Speed Pan: 0.0130°/S, Tilt 0.0115°/S, support with lens focus speed adaptive function
Preset 255 preset, support lens zooming and focus preset
Accuracy ±0.1°
Cruise Line-Scan Support 6 cruise line, 1 line scan
Watching Pre-positioning/Automatic Cruise Route/Automatic Scanning Route
Power-Off Memory Support (restoring pre-power-off position, preset point status, cruise status, line-scanning status)
Azimuth Information Support angle query, return and positioning
Zero Correction Support for north-to-zero remote correction function
Power Consumption about 80W
Weight 29 kg
IP Network Interface RJ45. 10/100 Base-T adaptive (integrated video output and RS485 control)
Network Protocol TCP/IP, UDP, IPv4/v6; support HTTP, RTP, RTSP, NFS, DHCP, NTP, SMTP, SNMPv1/v2c/v3, UPNP, PPPoE, DNS, FTP; support PSIA, ONVIF2.0, GB28181
Support Onvif 2.0 a
Pelco Support Pelco-P, Pelco-D baud rate 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200 (optional)
Power Supply AC/DC24V, Anti-reverse connection protection
Interface Aviation waterproof connector
Category Subcategory Specifications
Ultra Long Range Thermal Imaging Camera Type Maintenance free uncooled VOX Microbolometer FPA Focal Plane Array
Resolution 640 x 512
Field of View Zoom 17° Wide to 1.8° Narrow (optical) Degrees FOV (WIDER AND NARROWER FIXED AND ZOOM OPTICS AVAILABLE, PLEASE INQUIRE)
Structural Material Integral aluminum alloy housing, sealed and waterproof
Window Glass 4mm microcrystalline infrared high-efficiency transparent HLIN optical glass, transmittance > 98%
Environmental Working Temperature – 25° ~60° (- 40° Optional)
Consumption ±150W
Category Subcategory Specifications
Environmental Storage Temperature -45 ~ +70
Humidity <90%
Seismic Resistance 0.2g (in accordance with GB/T15211-2013 5.4 harsh grade 2
Impact Resistance 15g (in accordance with GB/T15211-2013 5.3 harsh grade 3)
Lightning Protection Built-in surge protection interface circuit, 4000V power supply, 2000V signal
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