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M9 Long Range Thermal PTZ Camera

M9 Long Range Thermal

The M9 Titanium Long Range Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Thermal Imaging FLIR Camera is an advanced imaging system that combines thermal and visible spectrum imaging capabilities. This camera is specifically designed for security, surveillance, and a range of other applications.

Highlighting Key Features and Benefits

  • Long-range capabilities with a 20km 1550nm LRF laser range finder
  • Active Gyro Stabilization for jitter-free imagery
  • AI-enhanced features including target tracking
  • Anti-fog, anti-haze, and turbulence mitigation features
  • Integration with long-range radar
  • MIL-Spec grade construction for durability and reliability
  • Customizability with a range of sensors, lasers, and optics
  • Ultra-sensitive long-range optical gas imaging with F1.4 optics
  • Ultra-long-range 40mm – 2600mm stabilized HD visible camera

Setting the Context for its Applications and Versatility The M9 Titanium is versatile and suitable for long-range counter UAV, drone countermeasures, security and surveillance, and optical gas imaging. Its rugged design makes it ideal for harsh environments, and its customizable features make it adaptable to various mission requirements.

II. Technical Specifications

Camera Resolution and Sensor Type The M9 Titanium utilizes a mid-wave infrared (MWIR) sensor with a 3-5μm range.

Zoom Capabilities and Focal Length It features ultra-long-range zoom capabilities with a focal length range of 40mm – 2600mm.

Thermal Imaging Technology and Detection Range The thermal imaging technology provides superior range (over 60km) and situational awareness performance. It also features an ultra-sensitive long-range optical gas imaging FLIR thermal channel with F1.4 optics.

Pan, Tilt, and Rotation Angles


360° Continuous Pan Rotation


180° + 90° Full Tilt Angle

Positioner Speed

+.0001° /sec to180° /sec in Pan and Tilt axis

Positioner Accel.

200° /sec2 in Pan and Tilt axis

Stabilization Mechanism and Anti-vibration Features The camera has active gyro stabilization for jitter-free imagery. 4-axis/4 layer stabilization E/M. <80 micro radians per axis.

Integration with Other Systems and Connectivity Options It can integrate with long-range radar and is highly customizable with various sensors, lasers, and optics to meet mission requirements.

Advanced Imaging Capabilities

Thermal Imaging for Enhanced Visibility in Complete Darkness The thermal imaging capabilities allow for enhanced visibility in complete darkness and adverse weather conditions.

Smart Features like Object Tracking and Auto-Focus The M9 Titanium features AI-enhanced smart features like object tracking.

Image Enhancement and Analysis Tools for Improved Decision-making The M9 offers image enhancement features such as anti-fog, anti-haze, and turbulence mitigation for clearer imagery and improved decision-making.

-Advanced Auto Imaging modes with Auto Image Enhancement

Both the CCTV and Thermal Sensors are Electronically and Mechanically Stabilized and offer Integrated TASS and full internal weather controls/climate stabilization. Our robust Radar integration allows for slew to cue/slew to alert with the aid of radars, VMS, tracking alerting and detection software suites are available for the m9 system.

-Automatic Internal temperature controls for use in extreme cold or hot / humid climates


A. Security and Surveillance

  1. Monitoring large areas and perimeters
  2. Intrusion detection and alarm systems
  3. Drone and UAV countermeasures

B. Critical Infrastructure Protection

  1. Power plants and substations
  2. Airports and seaports
  3. Government facilities and military bases

C. Perimeter Security

  1. Border surveillance and control
  2. Industrial sites and warehouses
  3. Retail and commercial establishments

D. Search and Rescue Operations

  1. Tracking missing persons or fugitives
  2. Monitoring disaster areas for survivors
  3. Identifying heat signatures in remote locations

Installation and Integration

Options and Flexibility

The M9 offers hot swappable, interchangeable sensors which are factory pre-aligned and mounted via precision guide pins, four captive bolts, and a TASS weatherproof connector, allowing sensor swap to occur in 4 Minutes or less with one person. Secondary or new sensors may be added and control code loaded remotely via LAN or Ethernet. The system incorporates the highest quality, ultra long life military coolers for years of reliable trouble free imaging.

Compatibility with Existing Surveillance Systems The camera is highly customizable and can be integrated with long-range radar, making it likely compatible with any existing surveillance systems.

Power and Connectivity Requirements Must have a single hermetically sealed MIL-38999 series connector for system power, contol interface and video output. Low power consumption and proven battlefield technology & reliability – Can operate flawlessly 24 hours a day in any weather condition.

System is from typical 12-volt D.C. power and not draw more than 2.5 amps, While in continuous motion. The system will be delivered

complete and ready to install w/all cables, monitor, hand controllers, software & standard accessories. Burn in test performed for 7 days prior to shipping

Success Stories

Highlighting Real-world Applications and Success Stories

Multiple fixed, marine, and mobile PTZ M9 systems have been successfully deployed throughout the world in key military, security, and high-value critical infrastructure installations.

Accessories and Support

Available Accessories to Enhance Camera Functionality

X99 Radar Attachment
x99 radar

Introducing the X99 Radar: Advanced Ground Surveillance Capability

I. Cutting-Edge Technology and Reliability

  • Upgraded ground surveillance radar (GSR)
  • Proven heritage in radar technology
  • Lightweight and low power package
  • Wide area situational awareness
  • High reliability for low cost of ownership

II. User-Friendly Design and Maintainability

  • Easy setup and usage
  • Modular design for field servicing
  • Simplified maintainability
  • Cost-effective ownership

III. Seamless Integration with M9 Long Range PTZ Thermal Imaging EOIR

  • Coupling with M9 long range gimbal
  • True tracking and slue to cue capabilities
  • Superior accuracy in range, azimuth, and target acquisition
  • Image cueing, classification, and identification of targets

IV. Advanced Features for Enhanced Performance

  • Automation of electro-optic sensor cueing
  • Audible alerts for improved response
  • Multi-target tracking capability
  • Advanced anti-clutter techniques

V. Reliable Performance in Any Environment

  • All-weather and high ambient temperature reliability
  • Easy setup and usage
  • Rugged construction for repeated emplacements

VI. Globally Deployed for Unmatched Performance

  • Trusted worldwide deployment
  • Unrivaled combination of performance and value
  • Preferred choice for long-range GSR applications

VII. Designed and Manufactured in the USA

  • Engineered with end-users in mind
  • Manufacturing excellence in the USA

Experience the X99 Radar: Unmatched Ground Surveillance Capability

Zenith Auto-Deploying Rugged Tower
Sensors and Lasers
zenith foldable tower

We can customize the M9 long range Pan Tilt zoom thermal camera platform to include a host of complimentary sensors, modules and visible/infrared lasers maximizing its capabilities.

Warranty and Support Options

Support is offered on every item we sell. You will have assistance on every step of the way.

Technical Documentation and User Manuals

Technical Documentation and User Manuals


We currently ship everywhere in the U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii. For international orders please contact us. International orders may require export license depending on products.


Summary of Key Features and Benefits

The M9 Titanium Long Range PTZ Thermal Imaging FLIR Camera is a highly advanced and customizable imaging system, with long-range capabilities, active gyro stabilization, AI-enhanced features, and thermal imaging for enhanced visibility.

Camera’s Suitability for Various Applications

The camera’s rugged design and advanced features make it suitable for a wide range of applications including security and surveillance, critical infrastructure protection, perimeter security, and search and rescue operations.


Interested parties are encouraged to reach out for additional information or to request demonstrations of the M9 Titanium Long Range PTZ Thermal Imaging FLIR Camera’s capabilities.